2011-14 5.0 Ultimate Firewall Oil Separator Kit
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Bob's oil separator kit for 5.0 2011+ mustangs.  Complete with oil separator, brackets, hardware, Russel pro classic hose, Gates power grip thermal clamps, and AN fittings. 


Bob's can's work better than most competetors out for some simple reasons :

1) Large can size, this allows more media to filter the vapor, and allows the vapor to slow down to be effectively filters.

2) Remote mount, again, larger hoses, and more distance allow the air to cool and slow and filter more effectively.

3) Patented bottom to top air flow, forces vapor through the media, and holes any oil residue in the can.  Others allow the collected oil to just sit in a reservoir style, and as you drive, will 'bounce' the oil back up in the can, and it will go out the outlet back into the engine.

4) Customization, many colors available off the shelf, but we can work with you on custom colors.  We do in house power coating and hydrographics.  Please contact for a custom quote.


Developed to eliminate oil from entering your intake by engine blow-by, which channels oil contaminated air into your intake.

A key problem caused by oil in the intake is that it reduces the octane of your fuel and causes detonation especially in turbo, supercharger and nitrous applications.

Draining the fluid is easy with a valve in the bottom.

USA made, with metal fittings, this unit is built to last.  Built in our own factory, not outsourced like most other brands.

Free shipping in the 48 states.  International customers welcome, just contact us for a shipping quote.


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2011-14 5.0 Ultimate Firewall Oil Separator Kit

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